Quality & assurance

SFPL has got a complete set of in house quality control facilities in order to inspect the products with its own qualities assurance plans. We perform the dimensional inspection as per the foundry standards.

SFPL have integrated high quality equipments, advanced engineers, well trained technicians and even when needed, on site operators to enhance R&D activities and this makes SFPL to support current production technology and improve manufacturing process, which are critical to meet the demands of tomorrow.

We also handle the machining job in house, as a service of package deals such as milling, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding etc.

As an ISO 9001 : 2000 company we strictly follow the DIN standards.

Research & development

Continuous improvement demands require all manufacturers to take a serious, structured approach to value analysis and the adoption of lean process methodology while at the same time allowing latitude for creative breakthroughs.

In line with this expectation, the Sumangal Group strives to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and cost reduction to be passed directly to the customer, while increasing the value of the entire business relationship. And for this, we are concentrating a lot on research and development.

Technology Upgradation

To underline this fact, in the last two year approximately 15% of the annual Turnover has been Re- Invested in the Company.

Physical testing facility

Sr No Description Make Qty.
01 Crack Detector Magnaflux 01
02 Universal Tensile Testing Machine FIE 01
03 Impact Testing Machine FIE 01
04 brinell Hardness Tes. Mc. 3000 Kgs. Saroj 01
05 Micro Scope Olympus 01
06 Spectroscope Feedback 01
07 Profiile Projector Maruzen 01
08 Polishing Machine Pricision 01

Composition testing facility

Sr No Description Make Qty.
01 Fully Equipped Chemical laboratory - 01
02 Spectrometer Spectro Gmbh 01

Inspection & testing facilities

Sr No Description Make Qty.
01 Height Gauge Mitutoyo/Aditya 3
02 Dial Vernier Mitutoyo 7
03 Digimatic Caliper Mitutoyo 2
04 Vernier Depth Gauge Mitutoyo 2
05 Combination Set Mitutoyo 1
06 Dial Gauge & Stand Indian 2
07 Magnetic Stand, V Block Ultra 2
08 Surface Plates Guddy/Micro 3
09 Inside/Outside Calipers Indian 2
10 Radius Gauges Indian 4
11 Universal Vice Indian 2
12 Marking Blocks Indian 1
13 Surface Roughness Tester Indian 1
14 Micrometer Mitutoyo 2

Inspection Equipments

Sr No Description Make Qty.
01 Height-Gauge Accurate 01
02 Surface Plate Micro-Flat 01
03 Bore Gauge Mitutoyo 02
04 Micro Meter Mitutoyo 06
05 Micro Meter Hip. 03
06 Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo 04
07 Compartor Stand Local 01
08 Dial Indicator Mitutoyo 08
09 Adj. Snapv Gauges Aditya 08
10 Mag. Stand & V. Block Jafuji 02
11 Combination Set Mitutoyo 01
12 Profiile Projector Mitoya 01
13 Lever Type Dial Gauge Mahr 01
14 Outside Micro Meter Mahr 05
15 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Mahr 01
16 Air Gauge System Mahr 02

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